Friday, June 28, 2013

Something Infinite?

For the last 3 or 4 days, the online weather oracle has been predicting rain, but it's been wrong.  Today, finally, it's right - rain all day, rain happening right now.  It kept me inside & at my desk, which is where I needed to be. 

You see, I've been putting off starting a new project for a while now...well, maybe not actively putting it off but despite having a loose script & four pages of sketchy breakdowns, I just didn't feel like I had what I needed to get started.  What did I need?  Turns out, I needed someone to give me a deadline.

John Dermot Woods is curating a comics only month this August at Everyday Genius & I'm lucky to have been asked to be part of it all - thanks mostly to another person who got solicited!

So today, I started in on this new thing about which I can't say much because it's developing & changing as I go.  I've already thrown the page breakdowns out the window (not literally).  I spent about half of the morning drawing & redrawing one panel (the other half of the morning was spent trying to figure out what the panel should be!):

How does this fit in with the overall narrative?  Who knows.

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