Wednesday, June 5, 2013


If you are a person who comes to this blog regularly, then you know that I am not a person who comes to this blog regularly.  But, it's summer & as I dust off my pencils for some new projects, I thought it was time to pop back in.  Hello!

It also seems about as good a time as any for another installment of HULK HAIR.  My fascination with the Green Goliath's coiffure is documented here, & is of course ongoing.  Here's a new entry, from earlier this afternoon.  I took a bit of a break & read through the last three issues of Indestructible Hulk, a nice little story arc complete in itself written by Mark Waid & with titanic pencils by Walt Simonson.  I'm a huge fan of Simonson's heavy line, his blocky yet dynamic composition - & now we get to see how he draws the Hulk's hair!

(It looks a little breezy here; the inside panels have the hair more like the upper right Hulk - kind of slicked back with a widow's peak like a Mike Zeck Punisher.)

More to come.  I hope.

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