Friday, November 2, 2012

Out Now!

I’m interrupting my regularly scheduled process statement to let you know that my new mini comic, THERE WILL BE NOTHING LEFT, is now available to order!  It’s an 8 page, black & white all about stories & narrative, about life & how to live it, about what happens when snow covers everything. 

It’s only $1.00 (plus 0.50 shipping)!

Page 1, Panel 1

You can click the cover over there to the right or use this handy button right here:

There Will Be Nothing Left by Nate Pritts // 8 pgs. // B&W
$1.00 + 0.50 (s)

I spent most of my free time Tuesday & Wednesday finalizing the digital files, doing some test prints & making some last minute wholesale changes, but I was able to finish October with a big stapled stack of these.   

Page 3, Panels 1 & 2

I’m really happy to have these in a finished form; I learned a lot through the process, through pushing my creativity into some different areas.  Even though I can already see some things I’d like changed (creative things like panel progressions & perspectives as well as more mechanical things like how I scanned & laid out the artwork), I’m most excited about what comes next.

What comes next?  I’ve got some ideas, for sure.  But, here on the blog, I’ll back track a bit & jump into a series of posts about my writing & drawing process for THERE WILL BE NOTHING LEFT.  Soon!

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