Monday, November 19, 2012

Hulk Hair!

I've fallen behind in just about everything, thanks to an amazing trip out to California (where I gave a reading & worked with some talented high school writers) & just general busy-ness at the school where I teach.  But copies of THERE WILL BE NOTHING LEFT have flown all over the country (!) & people have been writing back to let me know their thoughts...which maybe I'll share at some point in the future.  All of it has me aching to get back into the groove of working on pages, trying to figure out where this story is leading me!

I'm going to take a break from my process posts (part I of which is here, with part II located here) for a little real time sneak peek at my sketchbook.  I doodle a lot, & make quick reference drawings.  But also, since I'm still training myself how to move a pencil so that what shows up on the page looks like what I want it to, I spend time copying things too.  I'll see a drawing & then try to do my own version so I can learn the shorthand & the motions.  For whatever reason, one of the recurring features in my sketchbook has become HULK HAIR! 

That's right - the Hulk...that strong green (or grey or red) behemoth.   Everyone seems to draw his HAIR just a little bit differently.  Anyway, here's a page from my sketch book (sorry for the poor reproduction) featuring some Hulk hair by Sal Buscema from DEFENDERS #10 (the first series, so we're talking November of 1973).

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