Tuesday, November 27, 2012

How This Happened, pt. III

I’ve been talking about how this all happened on the blog for a while now (see part I & see also part II) but I feel like it’s time to take this particular thread home.

This story isn’t about me.

Once I hit on that phrase, I felt like I had settled into the right frame of mind for the comic.  So though I had done all kinds of planning, though I had sketched out what I thought would be a 3 or even 4 issue plan, the actual process of working on my comic was in fact a process.

The new story of the comic wasn’t really a story at all, but a scope – sort of a growing sense of what I wanted out of it. 

I realized that I wasn’t particularly interested in a narrative or characters, though I was interested in how character gets communicated or changed over time & in response to events, & I was intrigued by the physics of narrative itself.  I also became obsessed with certain images (the leaf cracking under ice & how that might be a symbol for so much of my thinking on this subject, or the geese flying over the snow). 

For me, for this project, it’s hard for me to write about my intent.  So much of what happened seems to fall into place, like tumblers on a lock.  It all happened kind of at once & in a largely intuitive manner.

However, while I was working on it, I started letting my mind run a little bit to further explore some of the chains that were springing up.  To me, that was the real fun!

At this point (as I sit here typing this) I’ve got a really lose outline for issue #2 typed up.  If the process on #1 taught me anything, it’s that the outline probably doesn’t mean a thing.  I’m looking forward to seeing where this all takes me – if the loose plot from #1 gets resolved or if we just move on to something else entirely!

There are still copies of THERE WILL BE NOTHING LEFT sitting right here on this shelf to my left.  ONE DOLLAR (& fifty cents!) is all it takes to have one sent to you!

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